The Turning Point

The Turning Point offers its award-winning MACH3 “Business Opportunity Engine” which delivers mortgage-specific CRM—and much more. MACH3 helps lenders identify high quality business opportunities—then drive them to the point-of-sale and initiate professional, compliant communications to convert them into clients. MACH3 also enables lenders to retain clients and maximize their value through repeat business and referrals. Presented as a unified SaaS platform, MACH3 uniquely incorporates both an end-to-end operational solution—driven by mortgage-specific rules-based intelligence—and a superior range of management control features. Specifically, MACH3 includes database management across prospects, customers and partners; personalized communication content creation and management; targeted campaign setup and implementation (mail and e-mail); prescribed hands-free programs and on-demand campaigns; one-stop shop for sales collateral materials; fully integrated production and fulfillment; performance measurement/accountability; multi-layered management oversight; superior strategic planning; smart resource allocation; brand support and management; and enhanced regulatory compliance. The Turning Point can be found on the web HERE.