Market Analysis: Putting The Spotlight On Servicing E-Collaboration

*Putting The Spotlight On Servicing E-Collaboration*
**By Tony Garritano**

***I’m a true believer in electronic collaboration. It just makes sense. Why pick up the phone to order title, credit, the appraisal, etc., when you can put in an electronic order for all those services and more on a centralized system? I think this makes a lot of sense to most people in the mortgage industry, but most don’t think of it in terms of servicing, but rather in terms of origination. Not so, this approach benefits servicers, too, and vendors realize that. For example, PROGRESS in Lending has learned that DRI Management Systems, Inc. has launched the new DRI Office Service Ordering Platform, whereby servicers can automatically execute their orders for services, seamlessly manage the incoming information from providers, and tap a growing list of premiere, in-network vendors. Here’s the scoop:

****Servicers, already hard-pressed to keep up with the volume of problem loans needing attention, will find the Service Ordering Platform in DRI Office of great assistance, says DRI Chief Operating Officer Fred Melgaard. “We built the system to handle as many of the vendor ordering and management tasks as possible,” he explains. “The ordering process eliminates errors and non-reimbursable duplications, and the onboard rules engine makes ordering and acting on the results more automated than ever before. Vendor management tools are built in to maximize those relationships, and the integrated content management system stores and keeps track of things so nothing gets misplaced,” he says.

****The system keeps things as paperless as possible, eliminating the clutter and confusion in servicing operations of all sizes, Melgaard says, and the system is designed to deal with information flowing back from vendors, regardless of format. “By having everything integrated, the workflow becomes more efficient and productive, with impressive cost savings for users,” he says. Melgaard notes that a large national servicer had been spending up to a million dollars a month on duplicated orders alone and urged DRI to prioritize a solution to this problem.

****Steven Horne, CEO of Wingspan Portfolio Advisors, a Dallas area-based special servicer and long time DRI client, thinks that the cost savings offered by the Service Ordering Platform represent more than a simple benefit of using the technology. “The efficiencies and cost savings offered by the Service Ordering Platform will be very significant for our company,” he says. “A primary first lien servicer might find that with their volume, the savings would pay for most if not all of their DRI Office technology costs.”

****DRI’s Melgaard says that the company is adding vendors to its network of participating service providers. Early integrations with the Service Ordering Platform include Epiq Systems’ AACER® (bankruptcy creditor solutions), CoreLogic (automated valuations) and CoreLogic Credco (verifications services and credit reports), Equi-Trax (property valuations), NetDirector (connecting servicer’s systems to the platforms used by their law firms), SWBC (insurance coverage), and others. “We’re looking for the best vendors in the industry,” he notes. “The system benefits them too, by reducing their costs associated with order management and delivery.  All parties can focus on what they do best while we remove transaction friction and keep the default management process running smoothly.”