Market Analysis: A Bright Idea For Servicers

*A Bright Idea For Servicers*
**By Tony Garritano**

***Yesterday I talked about how e-collaboration can benefit servicers. Today, I want to stay on the servicing topic because it’s a huge issue for our industry. Servicers need help. So, when I hear about new innovation happening in the area of servicing, I’m going to bring you that news. PROGRESS in Lending has learned that Wingspan Portfolio Advisors, a special servicer based in the Dallas area, is preparing to launch a new affiliate company, Wingspan Information Technology, LLC, aimed at helping mortgage servicers adapt to new requirements more easily. Here’s the scoop:

****The company makes available the same capabilities that have enabled Wingspan to provide single point of contact (SPOC) access for borrowers since its inception, and brings benefits of its centralized database approach that would otherwise require significant costs for servicers and lenders to achieve. E.J. Kite, Wingspan’s senior vice president of information management, describes the technology as a breakthrough for mid-market servicers and portfolio lenders who are deeply concerned about complying with new regulations. The old way of organizing information among different internal systems and trying to make them work together often creates more problems than it solves, he feels. Wingspan Information Technologies is offering a “single source of truth” approach to information, providing much greater efficiency and real-time transparency for investors and other stakeholders.

****“When everything is in one place, it is far easier to access data and manage it,” Kite explains. “When companies use a centralized approach, everyone stays on the same page, and that includes the borrower interface teams, making single point of contact an integral part of the servicing process.”

****Kite has more than 26 years of experience in mortgage technology, including over two decades at Freddie Mac. Prior to Wingspan, he spent three years at Fannie Mae as Management Information Systems director, working with Dallas area-based technology consultants Miller & Associates, a company specializing in business intelligence and custom software development, to build out the credit performance management reporting infrastructure. A longtime advocate of centralized database structures for mortgage servicing, Kite recommended the strategy to Wingspan founder and CEO Steven Horne while the company was being formed. Using Kite’s “results-oriented approach,” Wingspan created an infrastructure to manage large amounts of complex mortgage information, delivered in a highly useful form for finely directed applications. The approach integrates teams and aligns information and users with great precision.

****“Since day one,” Horne says, “Wingspan Portfolio Advisors has been a single point of contact company, creating very effective relationships with borrowers that have led to our outstanding track record of success.” Kite and Horne are working with Miller & Associates to bring Wingspan Information Technology’s benefits to servicers and lenders with very reasonable costs and implementation timeframes. The technology is highly customizable and leverages web portals for unprecedented access to information by those who need it. “Smaller servicers, including regional banks and credit unions, can achieve a level of servicing sophistication they have not seen before with Wingspan Information Technology’s offering,” says Horne.

****“We are also working with Dedo Interactive, Inc., a Miller & Associates spin-off which specializes in touch/gesture/mobile-based technologies, on a GPS-enabled smart phone application that will prevent or minimize many types of fraud from third parties,” Kite notes. “It authenticates field services providers at property sites, receives their updates and reports instantaneously, and adds transparency to all kinds of property management activities. It even handles location-verified photos from mobile devices to prove that the grass is cut and the hedges are trimmed to specifications.”

****Wingspan Information Technology expects to accept its first clients during the fourth quarter of 2011, with implementations completed in the first quarter of 2012. “We’re excited to be making these technology advancements available to the mortgage community and expect Wingspan Information Technology to provide meaningful assistance to the overall servicing effort,” Kite says. “Wingspan Portfolio Advisors has had great results with the platform, and we look forward to sharing what we have learned.”