Understanding The News: A New Imaging Tool Hits The Market

*New Imaging Solution Hits The Market*
**Taking Paperless Further**

***As we talk more and more about UMDP, the idea of being more data driven arises. Investors are literally forcing lenders to get with the program and embrace the data. The fact is that during this transitional period lenders will rely on imaging for now. As a result, vendors have to come up with imaging tools that can help lenders more toward a data-centric process. For example, PROGRESS in Lending has learned that Blueberry Systems LLC has enhanced its enterprise-scale document imaging solution, Manifest, to include an advanced package viewer, providing users with a more dynamic solution to further automate image-enabled workflow.

****Manifest enables users to easily capture documents and store them as part of the core loan record. The solution can function as a stand-alone service or be integrated into the production workflow. The package viewer was developed to work with Manifest to enhance the viewer’s experience, ensuring images are dynamic and easy to navigate and utilize.

****Blueberry Systems’ package viewer allows users to define specific sets of documents within a loan and easily determine who views particular documents, the order in which the documents are viewed and ensure the most relevant documents are presented to each person in the workflow. In addition, business rules can be set to determine the documents that are required in a package and which documents have to be approved in order for the loan to continue forward. This customizable document presentation solution enables Blueberry Systems to provide a more natural, human approach to the way people work with imaged documents.

****“This package viewer presents indexed documents that can be streamlined directly into the workflow,” said Lloyd Booth, president and COO of Blueberry Systems. “We can dynamically create pre-sorted components at any number of points in the process, ensuring that validated, critical docs are included. Manifest automates the packaging, delivery and presentation.”