Understanding The News: Integration Aims To Stop Fraud

*Integration Aims To Stop Fraud*
**A New Alliance Forms**

***ProLender Solutions, Inc., a paperless mortgage lending software, has launched a new interface with the DataVerify DRIVE risk mitigation system. The interface will allow ProLender users to access the DRIVE platform to verify borrower and property information to aid in detecting possible loan fraud. Because the two systems work together seamlessly, ProLender users will save time and avoid possible data entry mistakes.

****“We’re pleased to partner with ProLender Solutions to provide their clients with access to the DRIVE platform,” said Kent Johnson, Vice President at DataVerify. “The combination of ProLender’s robust processing platform with DataVerify’s powerful risk mitigation system gives mortgage lenders the tools they need to improve productivity and loan quality, reduce risk, and enhance profitability.”

****From within the ProLender system, users export key information directly into the DRIVE platform. ProLender automatically launches an Internet browser where users enter their login. The DRIVE report results display on the user’s screen. The entire process only takes seconds and adds an important safeguard against fraud.

****“This interface saves our clients time, eliminates re-keying data and most importantly provides a valuable fraud detection tool,” said Kevin Roczey, President at ProLender Solutions, Inc. “It just makes sense to integrate the two systems.”

****The DataVerify integration can be run multiple times throughout the loan process. With just a click of the mouse, the user receives a thorough analysis of the borrower and property information in order to make an informed evaluation on each and every loan.