Understanding The News: Stretching Partnerships Even Further

*Stretching Partnerships Even Further*
**Alliances Tighten**

***The mortgage industry is very complex. As a result, more and more companies are looking to other companies to form synergies. For example, PROGRESS in Lending has learned that United Guaranty, a national mortgage insurance company, announced today an expansion of its strategic alliance with Optimal Blue, the award winning comprehensive, Web-based platform that couples pricing and secondary marketing automation with content management for the mortgage industry. Here’s the scoop:

****United Guaranty customers can receive United Guaranty MI rate quotes and pull MI rate history while searching for investor pricing and eligibility in Optimal Blue. Under the agreement, within Optimal Blue, United Guaranty automatically delivers a mortgage insurance quote for up to five products at a time along with locking capability to originators who have a master policy, and an MI premium estimate to lenders who have not established a relationship with United Guaranty.

****“This added functionality gives users mortgage insurance pricing and comparisons to FHA pricing—without leaving Optimal Blue,” said Chris Clement, SVP-Field Production at United Guaranty. “We’re leading the industry in the investments necessary to simplify processes for customers and help loan officers get borrowers in the right loan.”

****In today’s environment, lenders must leverage every advantage to respond to consumers quickly and accurately. Within the Optimal Blue platform, users now have access to United Guaranty’s Performance Premium risk-based MI pricing, enabling them to receive either an instant estimate or a detailed quote. Users can pull a PDF of the MI quote, and because each loan has an MI history, users can also go back at any time if the loan criteria change and a new quote is needed. Users also have the option to lock the detailed quote with UG at any time.

****“Optimal Blue has always prided itself on being able to deliver the most value to mortgage lenders,” explains Lawrence Huff, co-Founder and co-CEO of Optimal Blue. “This partnership exemplifies that philosophy – as it gives customers the ability to not just lock in an MI quote, but to stay within the Optimal Blue platform. We continue to advance our platform to create the most automated workflow, giving our customers accurate data quality, better control and compliance, and improved profitability.”

****“This exclusive partnership with Optimal Blue shows our commitment to provide MI accessibility in all scenarios. This lets originators get a rate quote quickly and easily, cutting the time required to know a loan’s cost,” said Clement. “Providing the MI quote during the eligibility stage lets users know in one location that they’ve met general MI requirements.”