Market Analysis: It’s All About ROI

*It’s All About ROI*
**By Tony Garritano**

***Why do technology vendors and service providers integrate? There’s a variety of reasons, but the biggest one is to provide their customers with more efficiency and cost savings. For example, PROGRESS in Lending has learned that LendingQB and FirstClose Title have a partnership that combines instant ‘cash to close’ quotes with real-time automated underwriting and loan pricing all within a unified loan origination platform. The integration enables mortgage lenders to reduce closing costs for borrowers and simulatenously populate guaranteed GFE data within the LendingQB loan origination system. Here’s the story:

****FirstClose Title is a national provider of title services with a unique business model. They compare rates from a wide range of major underwriters and provide the lowest price to borrowers and lenders in a transparent manner. “We actively seek out best pricing among major underwriters to deliver pure, unaltered comparative rate quotes,” said Cynthia Waterman, president and CEO of FirstClose Title. “This allows us to present quotes which average $500 to $1000 below competing GFE quotes, providing lenders with a ‘cash to close’ advantage that makes their offer more competitive and secures a relationship with a potential borrower more quickly.”

****The integration between LendingQB and FirstClose Title makes it easy for lenders to generate a GFE quote directly within the LendingQB loan origination system. Lenders can quickly retrieve quotes for title insurance, settlement charges, recording charges, and transfer taxes and automatically populate the data to the GFE on their loan file. Lenders can save between 15 and 30 minutes per loan file using the integration. But more importantly, FirstClose Title guarantees the accuracy of the GFE data, which protects lenders from having to cover costs due to poor GFE data entry.

****“As a loan origination system, our goals are to increase a lender’s efficiency and maintain data integrity,” said Binh Dang, LendingQB’s managing partner. “The integration with FirstClose actually goes beyond these goals and has a direct impact on a lender’s ability to drive revenue. It makes lenders more competitive by improving point of sale pricing and increasing consumer selection.”