Market Analysis: Talking Real Solutions

*Talking Real Solutions*
**By Tony Garritano**

***Just in case you’re wondering, I will not be talking about the President’s plan to prevent future foreclosures. In my view it boils down to election year politics. We’ve had a foreclosure crisis for his entire term, yet he just now is looking to resolve the issue with a serious plan. Instead, I will congratulate the President for his efforts and I hope that I will be able to talk here in this column about the positive change that this new push has enabled real soon. Instead, I want to talk about how mortgage professionals are dealing with new rules and regulations now and seeing success. Here’s one example of how resilient the mortgage industry can be when pushed:

****Property Sciences, a national real estate appraisal firm, is getting through UAD and all the rest by using ACI’s portal to deliver reports to the Uniform Collateral Data Portal (UCDP).

****“Property Sciences’ integration through ACI’s UCDP Appraisal Submission Service via has allowed our lender clients to seamlessly deliver appraisals to the agencies and easily manage exceptions through our platform,” said Dean Huynh, vice president of Property Sciences. “Compliance and technology continue to be at the forefront of the mortgage industry. Property Sciences’ integration saves our lenders valuable time and establishes a regulatory-compliant delivery solution.”

****New Uniform Appraisal Dataset compliance requirements from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac went into effect on December 1, 2011. UCDP requires all appraisals be supplied in MISMO XML format or as a first-generation PDF. provides a seamless interface between systems to facilitate compliant delivery of appraisal reports, allowing appraisal management companies and lenders to focus on workflow and business needs.

****“Our delivery solution for UCDP is designed to integrate to the sender’s system of record so that submissions can be executed automatically as part of the normal appraisal acceptance workflow,” said George Opelka, senior vice president of ACI. “The connectivity through enables agents and lenders to ensure that Uniform Appraisal Dataset (UAD) compliance is seamless within their existing appraisal management processes.”

****You see, the mortgage industry can solve its issues, including improving the appraisal process, when pushed, it’s just too bad that the industry has to be pushed before acting. However, as the old saying goes: Better late then never.

Tony Garritano

Tony Garritano is chairman and founder at PROGRESS in Lending Association. As a speaker Tony has worked hard to inform executives about how technology should be a tool used to further business objectives. For over 10 years he has worked as a journalist, researcher and speaker in the mortgage technology space. Starting this association was the next step for someone like Tony, who has dedicated his career to providing mortgage executives with the information needed to make informed technology decisions. He can be reached via e-mail at