Market Analysis: WOW, Just WOW

*WOW, Just WOW*
**By Tony Garritano**

***We started promoting our Innovations 2011 Industry Recognition Ceremony just 48 hours ago. For us this program is a big deal. Our mission is to help the mortgage industry in any way we can to succeed. I’m a firm believer that innovation is a critical component to ensuring that success. We hope that by recognizing true innovation we’ll encourage others to innovate. We want to make this space better. And based on early response to this year’s celebration, we can see that you agree. Check this out:

****In just the past 48 hours alone we have received almost 50 RSVPs. Last year we got 160 attendees after two months of promotion. This year we are a third of the way to achieving those numbers and we did it in just 48 hours. Also, any time we can we try to pass on savings to you, not because we have to, but because we want to. So, we secured a discounted room rate at the host hotel. In just 48 hours that room block sold out completely. Fortunately, the hotel has agreed to add more rooms to the block.

****So, if you are planning to attend the event we hope that you will RSVP today HERE. And if you plan to take advantage of the discounted room, we suggest that you do that today as well. You can book your room online HERE.

****It’s very gratifying to see such a strong response to what we’re trying to do on behalf of the mortgage industry. This event is going to be nothing short of amazing. If you entered to be considered for recognition we hope that you attend to see if you were chosen. If you didn’t enter, we hope that you will attend to see who is honored. But beyond that we will also be hosting a roundtable discussion about how we can attain true mortgage industry recovery. It’s going to be a lively discussion.

****We hope to see you there.