Market Analysis: Kudos To A Real Thinker

*Kudos To A Real Thinker*
**By Tony Garritano**

***I’ve had the great pleasure of knowing a lot of people in this space. I’ve made lasting friendships. I have a lot of respect for the visionaries in this space. One of those people is Liz Green. She’s spirited. She’s knowledgeable. She’s passionate. And when the appraisal group within MISMO needed a leader she stood up. So, when I found out about what she’s up to now I had to share it with you. Here’s the scoop:

****Elizabeth Green, an industry expert in valuation technology and data has launched a new consultancy aimed at helping lenders and appraisers work together more effectively to meet the challenges of today’s market. Green, a frequent industry speaker and an advocate in data standards, entered the mortgage industry in the early 90s and has spent most of the last decade working in the valuation space for some of its most successful companies.

****“I am excited to be in a position in which I can offer my expertise and perspectives to a broad spectrum of industry participants to achieve a higher good,” Green said. “Having worked for many of the technology firms across the origination, servicing and settlement services segments, I’m in the perfect position to help lenders make sense of the divergence of regulations and market influences impacting their valuation requirements and, at the same time I can help appraisers become more successful in a rapidly changing profession.”

****Green says she brings a bit of art to her work, explaining that it’s not all about the science when it comes to helping professionals with very different viewpoints work together effectively.

****“Not just as an industry but as a society, we face unprecedented challenges in residential real estate. We must find improved ways to assess and manage collateral risk and property valuation. Our communities and our economy depend upon it,” Green said.

****I can’t agree more!