Understanding The News: What Are You Doing With Your REOs?

*What Are You Doing With Your REOs?*
**Fahe Profiled**

***REO Allegiance, a property preservation firm, has been chosen to provide property preservation services to the home finance division of an affordable housing federation dedicated to helping low income families in the Appalachian mountains find and finance affordable housing. JustChoice Lending is the mortgage division of Fahe, an alliance of community leaders creating investment strategies that generate social, environmental, and financial returns. Here’s the scoop:

****REO Allegiance is providing the firm with a full range of foreclosure and rental property services including maintenance, vacant property registration, repairs, inspections and special project support.

****“We’re proud to be working with and supporting the efforts of this important organization,” said Lisa Sadaoui, CEO of REO Allegiance. “Organizations like Fahe and its members are rebuilding this country by purchasing, repairing and repurposing homes for low-income families in underserved areas. We’re happy to lend our experienced property preservation experts to that task.”

****JustChoice Lending offers homeowners a number of financing options and has thus far made more than $18 million in mortgage loans to 225 families in the region since its launch in 2007. It is just one of Fahe’s vehicles for reaching 6,400 families in need every year.

****“Fahe and its members are helping to rebuild local economies by creating jobs building and repairing energy efficient homes” said Fahe President Jim King. “Working with REO Allegiance lets us focus on what we do best and rest assured that our assets are being well managed.”