Understanding The News: Servicing Leader Embraces New Cloud Technology

*Servicing Leader Embraces New Cloud Technology*
**DRI Launches New Cloud Solution**

***Default management software, DRI Management Systems has announced that its award-winning DRI Office is now available as Software as a Service (SaaS) through cloud computing. Users of DRI Office are able to access the platform over the Internet while the software and data are securely hosted on servers at a top-tier data center. Servicers benefit from the same or better service levels and performance than if the software programs were installed locally on end-user computers.

****“Small servicers today need the tools that larger players have,” said Fred Melgaard, executive vice president and COO at DRI Management Systems. “These include compliance tools; total staff coordination; a system that provides complete accountability; straight-through processing of all expenses all the way to the claim; system flexibility; and automation of manual processes.” Melgaard cites improvements in cloud delivery technology that enable DRI’s traditionally high standards for process flexibility and delivery to be realized using this convenient and cost-effective approach. “Every size and type of loan servicer today faces the same compliance and auditing challenges,” he says. “DRI Office keeps servicers ahead of compliance demands and arms them with a complete audit record automatically.”

****Using DRI in the Cloud, mortgage servicers are able to get their applications up and running faster, with easier manageability and practically zero maintenance. DRI Office in the Cloud frees IT professionals to focus on other mission-critical areas instead of maintaining local DRI Office host servers. There is no need for capital expenditures on hosting servers and infrastructure, equipment that only depreciates and becomes obsolete over time.

****“DRI Office in the Cloud results in rapid deployment, low start-up costs, scalability, broad network access, and measured service,” Melgaard added.

****A base fee provides the platform and a fixed amount of storage and/or computations, and thereafter pricing varies with usage. “Cloud services are proving to be a valuable approach for companies wanting to make their costs as variable as possible,” Melgaard says. “Servicers need every advantage when dealing with defaulting loans, and that includes watching the bottom line. We are constantly improving the functionality of DRI Office while leveraging cloud technology to provide flexibility and unprecedented client control over vital default management processes.”