Technology Spotlight: Tech Equals Higher Customer Satisfaction

*Tech Equals Higher Customer Satisfaction*
**Mortgage Network Profiled**

***Mortgage Network, Inc., an independent mortgage lender, has released the results of their March 2012 Customer Satisfaction Survey showing that over 99% of March’s borrowers would use Mortgage Network again. It also concluded that over 99% would recommend a friend, a standard that Mortgage Network, Inc. states is even harder to meet. In addition, March was an all-time record for retail fundings for the company. Here’s why:

****“We are proud to say that we have averaged over 98% customer satisfaction since we began officially surveying our customers on every loan. Surpassing 99% was our stated goal for 2012 and we are especially proud to have achieved this success while establishing new production goals,” said EVP of Production Brian Koss. “Compared to our larger competitors, who measure their processing time in months, we are proud to say we averaged 39 days to close in March, which clearly had an impact on our strong ratings.”

****Mortgage Network, Inc. has opened 5 new offices in the past year and added many industry veterans who have built their business on personal referrals and professional recommendations. These surveys support the belief that quality local financial experts supported by passionate, service oriented processing teams are truly best to serve the customer in any market.

****“Our goal is to be the pre-eminent mortgage lender in our markets and in the eyes of our employees, clients, peers and business partners,” said Koss. “We are committed to providing the highest level of service and expertise, which consistently exceeds everyone’s expectations.”