Understanding The News: Is Your Website HARP 2.0 Ready?

*Is Your Website HARP 2.0 Ready?*
**Reach Out To Borrowers Easily**

***PROGRESS in Lending has learned that Financial Literacy Solutions LLC, a firm that uses the power of the Internet and the accessibility of video to educate consumers about their mortgage options and to provide a more effective communication channel for loan originators, servicers and asset managers, has released a new video solution that lenders can use on their websites to attract borrowers who hope to refinance their loans under the government’s HARP 2.0 program.

****“Borrowers are tired of hearing about government programs that can’t help them because they don’t qualify,” said Garth Graham, founder and president of Financial Literacy Solutions. “This happens when borrowers don’t fully understand the programs or what it takes to qualify. The result is that the lender loses credibility and loses the borrower’s trust. Our new educational video on HARP 2.0 reduces that risk and puts more borrowers into the lender’s pipeline.”

****Like all of the web video widgets that FLS provides, the HARP 2.0 video allows lenders to more effectively communicate with borrowers in a manner that has been shown to be more engaging to American consumers. Video is currently the most viewed online content and home loan borrowers who view online videos are more engaged with the lender that offers it.

****In addition to the video, the widget provides links to other useful information, including a qualification wizard that leads the borrower through the qualification criteria without every leaving the video player.  FLS widgets can be shared easily with partners, such as real estate agents, who also want to provide valuable information to their clients. It can be deployed on a website, a blog or a Facebook page, with installation typically in only minutes.

****FLS has been heavily involved in creating solutions for the mortgage servicing and credit counseling industry, deploying video-based, consumer-facing educational material to help borrowers avoid foreclosure. Just as video can be used to help borrowers avoid losing their homes, it can also be used to educate consumers on their options for new loans.