Market Analysis: Another High-Profile Vendor Goes Mobile

*Another High-Profile Vendor Goes Mobile*
**By Tony Garritano**

***We at PROGRESS in Lending have always seen the value in going mobile. That’s why we launched the PROGRESS in Lending app for the iPad back in October of last year. I encourage you to download the free app in iTunes today. Our concept was to create an industry app that not just displays our content in this newsletter and in our magazine, but rather an industry app that houses content from a variety of sources. For example, we just added our eighth industry Twitter account to the app. You can follow all these different industry Twitter accounts from within the app. We also have contributed white papers from over 20 different companies and video content from us and four other sources. We are the first B2B mortgage publishing company to have an iPad app, but the app is not just about PROGRESS, it’s about the whole mortgage industry. So, it gives me great pleasure to write about vendors in the space that are now going mobile, as well. Here’s the latest vendor to move in this direction:

****ISGN has launched a new smart phone application for its Gators browser-based settlement services and vendor management system designed to assist appraisers, title abstractors and closing agents out in the field. The app soon will be available for the iPhone at the Apple Store where it can be downloaded. ISGN also plans to support apps for the Android phone, the Blackberry and other smart phone platforms.
ISGN has adapted mobile technology to the mortgage industry with the new Gators smart phone app, designed to assist appraisers, title abstractors and closing agents. The app enables the vendor to accept, decline or update orders while out in the field providing more efficient use of their time. The smart phone app replaces multiple manual tools for appraisers, such as note pads, voice recorders and cameras. The app guides the appraiser through the necessary process required to complete a home inspection by organizing the information and photos of the interior and exterior of the home. In addition, the app also can organize the information and photos needed for the three comparable homes required for an appraisal.

****The Gators smart phone app can organize the appraisal report, generating significant time and cost savings for appraisers. With the app, appraisers at the end of the day can upload appraisal data for the appraisal report, including photos and voice recorded comments from their smart phones to their office computer or ISGN’s global processing facilities and the next morning receive back the completed appraisal report allowing appraisers more time out in the field.

****“Gators new smart phone app can create huge time savings for appraisers. The app is very detailed and walks appraisers out in the field through what photos and information are required for the report, including comps,” said Ankush Dham, director of technology solutions for ISGN. “With the app, appraisers don’t have to come back into the office to accept or deny appraisal orders, greatly enhancing productivity in the field.”