Understanding The News: Vendor Seeks To Break Your Compliance Shackles

*Vendor Seeks To Break Your Compliance Shackles*
**CSi Launches Compliance Resource Center**

***The average mortgage lender is burdened with new rules and regulations all too often. To make life easier for today’s lenders, Compliance Systems Inc. has launched a new website and Compliance Resource Center, or Compliance RC. The Compliance RC is designed to be a source for compliance information, providing the mortgage industry with facts and critical insights on the compliance issues that have the potential to impact your business. Here’s the details:

****CSi’s new website, new branding, and the Compliance RC exemplify the company’s focus on compliantly documenting the financial transactions while mitigating the risk surrounding transactions to reduce resource expenditures, so that the lender can focus on their business and their bottom line.

****“What’s critical is that CSi realized that we are providing value, but we’re not necessarily understood in the market,” pointed out Reid Smeda, Sr., president at CSi. “What CSi offers is so much more than just the docs. CSi is not just a document provider. So, because we have such insight, we are now opening that up and exposing that to the industry through this new offering. The lender can come back to the Compliance Resource Center daily, weekly, monthly, whatever and see what’s new when it comes to new rules and regulations.

****In terms of who in your organization should take advantage of this, advised Mr. Smeda, “For smaller lenders maybe there is a compliance person that should visit the resource center. For larger lenders maybe there is an entire staff. As we see it, the compliance person will visit this resource all the time. But for a CEO, you need to have a pulse of this, too. Is the CEO going to go here daily? Probably not, but the CEO is concerned about risk mitigation.”

****CSi’s compliance professionals are constantly on alert for changes from a variety of sources, including legislation, case law, administrative rules, regulations, and other governing authorities to help mitigate risk surrounding the transactions between you and your customers.

****You can check out the new branding and the Compliance RC at http://www.compliancesystems.com.