A New And Unique Integration

*A Unique And New Integration*
**By Tony Garritano**

***Let’s face it, new integrations aren’t always sexy. They can be pretty boring at times. So, when I discover an interesting one I feel compelled to tell you about it. In this case, Mortech Inc. has finalized an integration with Lendage, a free, educational, impartial, mortgage finding service for consumers. The company is a division of Bills.com. Through the new integration, Lendage will benefit from Mortech’s Product and Pricing Engine. Leads that lenders acquire through Lendage can be seamlessly imported into the Marksman lending management platform. Here’s the story:

****“Successful lenders are securing mortgage leads from many sources and then counting on Marksman to sort out the deals that can close from those that shouldn’t even get to the LOS,” said Mortech Inc. president Don Kracl. “Lendage is a provider of quality leads that are already partially qualified. This tight integration with Marksman will complete that process, moving real borrowers through the system quickly and into the LOS, allowing loan officers to be much more effective.”

****Ethan Ewing, president of Bills.com, which owns and operates the Lendage platform, compares this business to that of travel industry online service Kayak. “Searching for a home loan on one lender’s website will frustrate borrowers,” he said. “They want to shop like they shop for airline tickets. On the other side, we employ technology to validate the information the consumer is providing. Our goal is to improve the quality of the leads our lender is receiving, and empower the consumer to make the smarter decision. Mortech’s PPE will help us with that.”

****Lendage uses Marksman’s pricing engine for a quicker turnaround time and can offer expanded loan options to customers. They power a number of websites across the Internet, providing mortgage loan information where consumers are most likely to search for it. When a consumer interacts with the company’s online tools, Lendage attempts to determine whether the consumer is a real mortgage borrower ready to buy a loan.

****Lenders that use Marksman can then pull those loans into the system and complete the prequalification and entire lock process using Marksman’s secondary desk tools. Throughout its history, Marksman has made it a priority to position itself as more than a Product and Pricing Engine by also handling the work necessary to separate borrowers from those consumers who either aren’t ready to purchase or cannot qualify for a loan. Consumers who do not qualify right away are nurtured through the Marksman system until they can be closed. The platform allows mortgage originators to streamline their operations, saving time and money while maximizing opportunities. It includes tools for simplifying, automating and organizing the entire mortgage lending process, from lead acquisition to assessment and marketing to processing.