Build Your Own LOS

*Build Your Own LOS*
**By Tony Garritano**

***Lenders are increasingly relying on their loan origination system to keep them, compliant. But is that the best way? For some lenders it’s a great solution, but other lenders want more control. They want to build their own LOS, but most don’t want to invest in IT. So, one vendor has stepped in to make this a bit easier. Acris Technology, the software development company behind Mortgage VCO, a full suite of cloud-based software applications, business and IT support resources for mortgage bankers and lenders, has availed the source code for its VCO Lend loan origination and processing software to select mid-size and large mortgage bankers.

****Clients will benefit from Acris Technology’s 10+ years and multi-million-dollar investment in creating rules-based loan origination and processing software, built on a solid SQL database structure using the latest 2010 Microsoft development tools. VCO Lend is, has been, and will continue to be available to lenders of all sizes by monthly subscription.

****“As we began to engage with larger mortgage banking operations with in-house development teams, we realized there was also an opportunity to provide the foundation of a substantial loan origination and processing platform like VCO Lend by giving them access to the source code,” said Martin Williams, CEO and founder of Acris Technology. “There are a lot of larger organizations out there that need more powerful, customizable solutions but they can’t find them. The VCO Lend source code meets those needs by providing the blueprint to create as comprehensive, powerful and custom a loan origination platform as a company could possibly need.”

****VCO Lend was developed within the confines of a bustling mortgage banking operation and has facilitated the processing and funding of over $10 billion in loans for Williams’ Orange County, California-based mortgage banking company, Millennia Mortgage. With a computer science degree and his expertise in mortgage banking and mortgage technology, Williams was well-suited to develop software that addressed every workflow automation process his team needed. VCO Lend has recently been updated for commercial sale to mortgage bankers on a per-user basis and includes hundreds of powerful loan origination and processing features, including:

****>> Proprietary file and task queuing technology with interactive needs list

****>> Advanced analytics, production reporting and key performance indicators

****>> Built-in lead management

****>> Status-driven, rules-based loan automation

****>> Embedded paperless document management

****“We’re excited to be able to provide a multi-million dollar head start to a limited number of mortgage bankers that are in the position to create their own enterprise loan origination systems,” continued Williams. “We’ve experienced mortgage banker’s fear of developing major customizations on top of other vendors’ mortgage technology platforms without the full assurance that the service they are integrating with will continue to meet their needs in the future. We can remove that fear while offering powerful capabilities that would be difficult, or even impossible, to replicate in a reasonable amount of time.”

Tony Garritano

Tony Garritano is chairman and founder at PROGRESS in Lending Association. As a speaker Tony has worked hard to inform executives about how technology should be a tool used to further business objectives. For over 10 years he has worked as a journalist, researcher and speaker in the mortgage technology space. Starting this association was the next step for someone like Tony, who has dedicated his career to providing mortgage executives with the information needed to make informed technology decisions. He can be reached via e-mail at