Firm Releases MI Research Report

*Firm Releases MI Research Report*
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***zIngenuity, a mortgage consulting firm providing strategic advisory services to mortgage lenders and servicers, has launched the July 2012 edition of zInsights, an analytical report on the mortgage insurance (MI) industry. Through zInsights, zIngenuity provides periodic analysis of the state of the mortgage insurance industry, the health of the existing MI carriers, and the current regulatory environment on those carriers and the industry.

***While lenders, MI carriers, and investors dispute liability on a large inventory of seriously delinquent loans, zIngenuity provides advice and resolution of those disputes through its advisory services and industry knowledge. Prepared by the firm’s Analytics team, zInsights explores the issues of capital depletion, aging inventories, and the continued stresses on the mortgage insurance model.

***“zIngenuity remains the only independent advisory firm focused on mortgage insurance related issues.” said David Reber, President and CEO of zIngenuity, Inc. Reber added, “Our clients continue to ask us to provide an unbiased outlook on the current state of the mortgage insurance industry and its participants, including an assessment of counterparty risk. Since the inaugural edition of zInsights in 2011, we have received an overwhelming response from our customer base and colleagues.”

***zInsights is available from zIngenuity by downloading it from the firm’s website: