AMC Uses Technology To Target Efficiency

*AMC Uses Technology To Target Efficiency*
** United States Appraisals Profiled**

***Bradford Technologies, a provider of appraiser-driven valuation technology, and United States Appraisals, a nationwide appraisal management company, have formed a partnership to further expand United States Appraisals’ valuation services by offering superior, statistically supported property valuations using the latest version of the Collateral Valuation Report – CVR 2.0.

****The innovations in the new CVR format provide greater clarity and transparency of the appraiser’s valuation process. The new report format also makes greater use of charts to convey information and statistics to enhance the reliability and accuracy of the valuation.

****With the addition of the CVR to its suite of valuation services, United States Appraisals can continue arming its clients with the accurate valuations needed for profitable decision making. This allows United States Appraisals to serve the client’s need for a cost-effective alternative to a full appraisal with a higher degree of accuracy, while maintaining appraiser input and keeping the work within the appraiser community.

****“With the CVR, we provide a better solution than standard BPO/AVM products. Giving our clients more accurate data will allow them to make better decisions,” said Aaron Fowler, President of United States Appraisals. “Providing our appraisers with an additional source of income will also be of high value moving forward.”

****“As a top company that provides professional appraisal management services nationwide, they offer appraisals of the highest quality. With the addition of the CVR to their valuation services, they now will be able to offer not only top quality appraisals, but will further expand their business and reputation as a leader in the professional appraisal management service,” said James Regnere, Vice President of Business Development for Bradford Technologies, Inc.