Servicers Can Go Mobile, Too

*Servicers Can Go Mobile, Too*
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***A lot has been written about originators using mobile technology, but servicers can take advantage of this technology, as well. For example, RxOffice Inc., a global provider of software design and development services and also a sister company of IndiSoft, a technology development firm that focuses on systems for the mortgage industry, announced today the availability of RXOffice Project portal for Android mobile devices to IndiSoft customers. The new mobile app enables secure tracking of projects at every stage from any location.

****“We have a staff that is frequently mobile, so it is paramount that they are able to operate [remotely] from any location,” said Samantha Sue Friedman, director of product development and delivery for Hope LoanPort, a non-profit, e-commerce platform powered by IndiSoft technology. “With as many different projects and clients as we currently have, we must ensure that we accurately track our time and the status of each project. The mobile version of the RxOffice Project portal allows us to easily enter requests and log time while providing complete transparency into all project updates.”

****Users who access the mobile portal still receive the key performance indicators and information provided by the online version that they need to create timely reports regarding project statuses. The portal offers the visibility clients need to effectively manage their projects with IndiSoft and enhance their productivity regardless of whether or not they are in the office.

****“More on-the-go industry professionals need access to information anytime of the day and from anywhere,” said Sanjeev Dahiwadkar, founder and CEO of RxOffice and IndiSoft. “In today’s mobile society, our new RxOffice Projects portal gives our clients the peace of mind that they now have the information they need at their fingertips regardless of their location.”