Making The LOS Even More Powerful

*Making The LOS Even More Powerful*
**By Tony Garritano**

***Everyone knows that the LOS is the system of record. But what makes the LOS meaningful? Really it’s the LOS’ ability to link to other players so as to make the mortgage process seamless. If an LOS can’t do that it’s not very functional. That’s why we see more and more news like Valuation Partners, a national appraisal management company with access to 10,000 independent fee appraisers in all 50 states, integrating with Ellie Mae’s Encompass360 mortgage management system. Lenders using Encompass360 now have seamless access to Valuation Partners’ line of compliant appraisal products and services. Here’s the scoop:

****The integration enables lenders to order appraisals from Valuation Partners right from within Encompass360, reducing appraisal order time and duplicate entries. From a dropdown option on the Encompass360 screen, a click of the mouse on the Valuation Partners button quickly places an appraisal order.

****Without leaving Encompass360, lenders also can receive automatic status updates, and receive and upload completed appraisal reports. Valuation Partners’ quality control and appraisal review is incorporated into the integration. In addition, appraisal invoices can be sent directly to specific lender branches on Encompass360.

****Ellie Mae’s Encompass360 mortgage management system is enterprise loan origination software that supports lenders throughout the entire loan process and is connected to the Ellie Mae Network, an electronic mortgage origination network. With the Encompass360 integration, Valuation Partner’s appraisal products and services are available to lenders on the Ellie Mae network, which originates an estimated 20 percent of all new mortgages annually.

****“The key value proposition of our new integration with Ellie Mae Encompass360 is giving our current and prospective lender clients direct access to Valuation Partners appraisal products and services without them having to use more than one system,” said Bill Fall, CEO of Valuation Partners. “Lenders around the country using Encompass360 now can save time and money by directly accessing our strong geographic valuation expertise.”

****The new Valuation Partner’s integration with Ellie Mae Encompass360 has been completed and fully tested, and is now operational.