LOS And Doc Prep Link Up

*LOS And Doc Prep Link Up*
**By Tony Garritano**

***Too often quality is compromised when there are multiple systems of record. If the data in the doc prep doesn’t match the data in the LOS that means problems. As a result, we’re seeing news developments like the fact that Blueberry Systems, LLC has integrated its Relay LOS seamlessly with DocMagic’s document preparation and compliance technology, and features more capabilities including eSignature and eDelivery.

****Lending institutions can now maintain both origination and regulatory guidelines without ever leaving Relay. The integration adds complete document and eDelivery compliance within Relay’s workflow, keeping all loan data in one system and eliminating redundant data entry.

****In addition, originators using Relay now have access to eSignature and eDelivery capabilities from DocMagic to further streamline the document process and ensure compliance. Using the latest technology, originators benefit from the fastest and most efficient system for immediate eDelivery of fully compliant mortgage documents.

****Blueberry Systems’ flagship solution, Relay, offers a complete loan origination system to lenders, featuring a universal data model to provide the most accurate loan production data in the industry. Unlike many other systems that still rely on an outdated data management model, Relay’s universal data model combines the various systems and applications involved in the production process into a single database, eliminating data silos and the need for duplicate or staggered data entry.

****“Expanding our capabilities with DocMagic provides our clients a completely seamless experience,” said Dominick Marchetti, EVP of Blueberry Systems. “This integration eliminates the time wasted to re-enter data and the subsequent data entry errors that inevitably occur, providing our clients more options within our best-in-class system to ensure that disclosures and documents are accurate and compliant.”