New Ways Of Using Mobile Tech In Mortgage

*New Ways To Use Mobile Tech In Mortgage*
**By Tony Garritano**

***My sons both have iPhones and they love them. They are always downloading apps and playing games. But mobile isn’t just cool, it serves a business function. We at PROGRESS have a free iPad app that you can download on iTunes right now. And we’re not alone. For example, FotoNotes lets mortgage field services organizations extend and improve mobile processes, increase worker efficiency, and generate more accurate and complete data. Valligent, a specialty appraisal company that provides valuation solutions to the residential mortgage industry, has adopted FotoNotes for inspecting and appraising properties.

****“Our customers rely on us to provide timely, accurate, and complete information,” said Jeff Wickham, President of Valligent. “With FotoNotes we generate higher quality information — our core benefit — as well as save time and money on every inspection.”

****With FotoNotes, mortgage servicers can easily configure their own mobile UI, capture and transmit data in real-time to the FotoNotes cloud, and securely share that information inside and outside the organization through a web portal, customizable reports, and a standards-based API.

****“We’re proud to help mortgage service companies like Valligent better serve their customers and give them a real competitive advantage,” said Kamal Shah, FotoNotes’ founder and CEO. “FotoNotes is excited to be providing innovative and practical business solutions that harness the incredible power of smart phones, tablets, and the cloud.”

****FotoNotes enables businesses to capture, manage and share mobile information. FotoNotes lets organizations replace inefficient processes that rely on an assortment of clipboards, paper forms, cameras, laptops, cell phones and email with a single, easy-to-use mobile application and enterprise-class cloud platform. The company can be found the Web at