The Last Connector Your Institution Will Ever Need

*The Last Connector Your Institution Will Ever Need*
**By Brad Willis**

***In today’s fast-paced financial world, few software solutions survive the test of time.  Whether it is your institution’s Loan Origination System or Core Servicing Platform, there is always a bigger, better, newer, and faster option available.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have some guaranteed continuity within your institution’s IT systems?  At CCMC, we decided to take this challenge head on and develop a Connector that you can be confident will be functional and robust, even if you change LOS or Core Systems. The industry standard “just enough to get by” interfaces of today are married to the systems they connect to and they provide no flexibility for your institution.

****In addition to only transferring basic loan information, these interfaces were never designed to work with any other software systems and have to be tossed aside with an LOS or Core change.  The next “just enough to get by” interface, that you install to replace it, will come with its own limitations, challenges in using, and learning curve.  This only adds to the headache of switching one or more of your integral systems.   One of the largest hurdles in switching these systems is the timeframe for fully implementing the new software, including the monumental task of training.

****Getting your employees up to speed on the ins and outs of a new system is enough of a challenge. When you figure in training, and the costs associated with it, on new interfaces to connect your new LOS or Core System to other platforms, it only magnifies the difficulties.  What if you could mitigate some of these challenges and never again have to worry about training on new middleware?  CCMC’s Connector solutions are now being offered with an optional Flex Licensing Program, which future-proof’s your connector purchase by allowing you one LOS or Core switch and any additional changes at a reasonable price.

****The way our Flex Licensing Program works is this: if you purchase a connector solution with a long term contract length, usually 5+ years, then you are given one free LOS or Core change within that timeframe.  Effectively, this means that you will always have the most up-to-date connector solution and, as long as the LOS or Core are on our provider list, you will never have to incur the costs associated with training on a new Connector when your institution decides to move to a new LOS or Core.

****While changing LOS or Core systems is a daunting task that no one envies, the added hassle and cost of changing your middleware solutions can be mitigated.  Nobody wants to change their institution’s integral systems, but, as is with most difficult decisions, it is sometimes a necessary evil.  If you are looking for a new type of connector, with the ability to adapt to your needs and accommodate change, then look no further than CCMC’s Lending-Connector™ solutions.  If you do make the intelligent choice, I can assure you it will be the last connector your institution will ever need to purchase.