Beating The Competition

*Beating The Competition*
**By Ted Hicks**

***Let’s think for a moment about Superman. Do any of you believe that simply donning glasses and a suit made Clark Kent completely indistinguishable as Superman? No. He still looked like Superman. Just as this may seem obvious to you, it may still escape your attention that the key to beating your competition is not really a secret. It’s written in the script, too. To win in the mortgage business you need the right tools to be efficient—and you need to use those tools to save yourself time and energy you can use to do other things. Provide better customer service, focus on revenue generating marketing activities, stay in control of your pipeline no matter where you are, spend more time with your family—that’s what you can do when you get your processes automated and efficient. It’s the efficiency that what will set you apart, get you more referrals and allow you to grow your business.

****Because there is a smaller pool of qualified borrowers, it’s a buyer’s market for mortgage loans. Not only do you need to be competitive on price, but you also need to offer consistent, responsive service to all potential borrowers. If your business processes are efficient, that’s easier to do.  Start with your loan origination software. Make sure it does everything you need it to do—easily. The last thing you need is a system that is too complicated to work on and difficult to teach new users as your business grows.

****Your LOS should have built in compliance so you don’t have to keep up with it yourself. Forms, reports, required data fields should all be included. The screens should follow a logical sequence and if data appears on multiple screens, the fields should auto-populate from any direction. If you can order third party documents and services from within your software, you will save even more time since you don’t have to rekey information and risk time-consuming errors. The more time you save in the office and in basic processes, the more time you can spend increasing the level of customer service you can provide for more clients.

****Now that your processes are streamlined, staying on top of your business is easier than ever with the availability of mobile apps. With mobile productivity, you have the information you need at every stage of every loan. Knowledge is power—and you have it. When you can access your pipeline using your phone’s connection service and make changes when necessary, you are free to concentrate on other aspects of your life put on hold by office hours and commute time.

****Additionally, you can ensure service levels to your clients by having the information they need at your fingertips. Don’t want to carry around your laptop all day? It’s no longer necessary. With mobile apps, you can connect to your software and access your loan files wherever you are. Take initial applications, check on loan status for individual loans or your entire pipeline—it’s all possible with mobile apps. When you have you on-the-go productivity, you can offer on-the-go, on-the-rise, customer service while giving yourself the freedom you want with the control you need.

****Making your business more efficient so that you can provide better service is the best known secret in the mortgage industry and you don’t have to run into a phone booth to do it. Build efficiency with the tools you have, or get the tools you need to operate effectively. Technology helps you get the job done faster so you can concentrate on your clients and increasing your bottom line. Integrate your world through mobile technology and you’ll see a difference in your business.