High-Powered Executive Switches Companies

*High-Powered Executive Switches Companies*
**Coop Joins ServiceLink**

***We see a lot of executives coming back to the space and changing companies all the time. We at PROGRESS in Lending try to keep you in the know. Today we learned that the former head of Interthinx, Kevin Coop has joined ServiceLink as Executive Vice President of Enterprise Strategy. Here’s the story:

****In his role, Coop coordinates overall business development for ServiceLink’s originations and default sales teams, marketing group and product development strategy team. He also manages the continued development and execution of the enterprise growth strategy for ServiceLink’s top accounts, while growing the emerging market segment and strategy. Additionally, Coop oversees the strategic marketing vision, including profit center messaging and the integration of all solutions and branding, and will be working closely on inorganic strategic growth opportunities.

****“Having watched the growth and strategy of ServiceLink for many years it has become apparent that they are positioned for hyper-growth under the leadership of Chris Azur,” said Coop. “As I came to know Chris on a personal level it was even more compelling that I join his team in this endeavor and I look forward to assisting in this effort. He has built a tremendous team that I am proud to join.”

****An expert on business technology, Coop has more than two decades of operational and sales experience, and has produced growth across the financial services, real estate, mortgage, health care and predictive data analytic industries. Most recently, Coop served as President and CEO of Interthinx, where he was responsible for the entire general operational management and sales and the identification of strategy, acquisitions and integrations. Prior to Interthinx, Coop was President and CEO at Sysdome, a leading provider of fraud-management technology, where he coordinated the merger with AppIntelligence.