A New Way To Get The Scoop

*A New Way To Get The Scoop*
**By Tony Garritano**

TonyG***The old saying goes that a picture is worth 1,000 words. If that’s the case, I wonder how many words a video is worth? It must be a lot because online video viewing is booming. Here’s why this should matter to you:

****This year, eMarketer estimates that 66.7% of US Internet users—147.5 million people—are watching video online each month. By 2014, that figure is forecast to rise to 77% of Internet users, or 193.1 million people. In the same period, online video advertising spending will surge from $1.4 billion to $5.2 billion.

****The roots of a content-delivery platform rivaling that of TV are beginning to take hold and will continue to grow over the next five years as consumers become comfortable with watching all forms of video content—long and short, professional and amateur—on their Internet-connected phones, laptops, desktops, tablets and TVs. Further, eMarketer projects significant growth in video viewers across all age groups in part because of how easy it is to share content online. But the amount of time baby boomers and seniors will watch online video will be smaller compared with their younger counterparts because of their familiarity with traditional TV viewing.

****What does this mean for the mortgage industry? We at PROGRESS in Lending believe that if done well, videos can be a good tool to keep you informed about new industry developments. To this end, we will be launching our new “What’s The Buzz?” monthly video. Please recognize that this new approach to video will not contain tired, traditional interviews with a reporter asking a guest some questions, or long-winded monologues where you listen to people that call themselves experts, it’ll be a short (5 minutes or less) video that takes you inside the biggest lending stories happening right now.

****Specifically, I’ll share with you the inside scoop on what the industry really thinks about the latest CFPB rule, or that big technology acquisition, or that new product announcement, and so on, and so on. And each video will also feature an industry expert sharing the buzz that they’ve been hearing, as well.

****We hope you like this new approach to delivering you the latest mortgage industry thought leadership. Stay tuned, the first video comes out tomorrow …