Are You Scared Of The Purchase Market?

*Scared Of The Coming Purchase Market?*
**New Tool Debuts**

scared***Most lenders are gearing up for more purchase business. The smart ones are using technology. For example, Leads360 just launched Leads360 Express, a cloud-based CRM software solution designed to help small mortgage companies and loan officers improve their sales lead conversion rates and grow their revenues.

****With no installation requirements, Leads360 Express was designed to enable companies to capture and track leads coming from any source; instantly distribute and prioritize leads to sales reps; respond immediately to leads with one-click phone dialing; stay top-of-mind with borrowers with status-triggered emails; and analyze lead conversion rates and sales campaign effectiveness. Leads360 Express also integrates with third-party lead sources and is accessible from anywhere, even by mobile phone.

****Because small mortgage companies and correspondent lenders have fewer resources than larger lenders, they frequently must split their time between many priorities, which often leads to sales opportunities falling through the cracks. By giving companies a means to immediately act on sales leads and prioritize them, Leads360 Express solves this problem and empowers firms to increase productivity and sales.

****Key features of Leads360 Express include lead capture, automated lead distribution, a dial-IQ sales dialer, a prioritization engine, e-mail marketing, a performance dashboard, and sales mobility. Also, Leads360 Express comes with a three-step set-up wizard, and self-service end-user training can have users up and running quickly. Further, because Leads360 Express is cloud-based, users don’t have to worry about maintenance, installs, upgrades or security – leaving more available resources and time to focus on growing the business.