Good News For Electronic Recording

*Good News For Electronic Recording*
**By Tony Garritano**

TonyG***This is the sort of thing that I really like to share with you. Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. (NTC) has identified a trend that shows more documents are being recorded electronically in the nation’s Recorders’ Offices. Nationwide Title Clearing’s eRecording manager Brian Ernissee spoke on the topic at the Property Records Industry Association (PRIA) Winter Symposium as part of an expert panel. Here’s the scoop:

****“More than 840 jurisdictions are currently eRecording-enabled, and approximately 15 new jurisdictions become enabled every month,” Ernissee said. “The volume of documents sent by NTC to record electronically has gone from 10% in May 2012 to well above 40% in February 2013. With such positive growth, we expect the total volume of documents submitted electronically for recording to be well above 50% by May.”

****eRecording at NTC consists of a five-step process: submit, receive, review, record and return. eRecording makes processing land record and property documents simple, fast and secure. The process allows documents to be submitted 24/7, and is cost-effective, reducing paperwork. Documents are scanned and submitted within minutes, and are then returned electronically immediately after recording.

****PRIA is an organization which develops and promotes national standards and practices within the land records industry. The PRIA Winter Symposium consisted of 23 sessions on the topic of eRecords and was well-attended with 148 members, guests and speakers. Brian Ernissee, NTC’s Electronic Recording Manager, spoke on a panel at the conference called “eRecord from a Submitter’s Perspective.” Ernissee spoke about the relative newness of eRecording and how to improve upon the practice and make it widespread.