Fiserv Reaches Out To Community Banks

*Fiserv Reaches Out To Community Banks*
**By Tony Garritano**

TonyG***As community banks become more interested in the mortgage space, they are increasingly needing technology help. In this case, seeing this need, Fiserv, Inc. has launched a new offering designed to help regional and community banks improve the efficiency and profitability of their commercial and small business lending products and processes. Here’s the scoop:

****The Business Lending Strategy offering from Fiserv begins with Fiserv consultants conducting an in-depth review of a bank’s commercial lending business. Based on this strategic and operational review, Fiserv then provides recommendations for new or improved credit products and processes, improved pricing for business growth, process automation opportunities and enhanced credit policies and underwriting parameters for improved efficiency, credit performance and control.

****The review and recommendations from Fiserv utilize the company’s expertise in commercial and small business lending to advance important institutional objectives, including improvements in commercial and small business market share, enhanced profitability and greater efficiency in lending processes.

****“For regional and community banks, the small business segment is a unique class of commercial customers which is critical for achieving growth in market share, revenue and profitability. Today, these banks are facing increasing competition from larger financial institutions, and in order to compete and grow, they must be able to efficiently deliver small business customers the right products at the right price,” said George Noga, senior vice president and managing director, Revenue Enhancement, Fiserv.

****“To help banks meet this challenge, the Commercial and Small Business Lending Product and Process Review bring together many Fiserv strengths, including our extensive experience in commercial lending operations, product management, policy and technology. It also utilizes our consultative and technology solutions to enable our banks to better pursue and seize commercial and small business banking opportunities in their respective markets,” Noga continued.