Tech Acquisition Moves Forward

*Tech Acquisition Moves Forward*
**By Tony Garritano**

TonyG***We broke the news that Capsilon acquired DocVelocity earlier this year. The acquisition is moving forward smoothly. Capsilon has merged its Katalyst and DocVelocity imaging systems into a combined offering, called DocVelocity, and it is available to all lenders. Here’s the scoop:

****Until recently, the Katalyst and DocVelocity services were sold to different segments of the mortgage banking market. With Capsilon’s acquisition of DocVelocity, the company is now able to better serve the entire market. The unified system is scalable to meet the needs of both large and small mortgage lenders.

****Capsilon developed much of the technology that DocVelocity marketed and sold from 2007 until its acquisition. Lenders who previously bought from DocVelocity will benefit from this consolidation, as they now have a direct relationship with the company that develops and supports the technology. In addition, certain optional capabilities, such as mobile access and enterprise interoperability, previously provided only by Capsilon to its own customers, are now available to all new and prior DocVelocity customers.

****All customers will benefit from the combined product lines, whether they bought from Capsilon or DocVelocity, as they all will now use the same, unified technology platform and receive consistent support, training and services offerings.

****Sanjeev Malaney, chief executive officer at Capsilon, noted, “The unified DocVelocity system enables Capsilon to serve small, medium and large mortgage lenders equally well with single industry-standard solution.”