A New Lending Library

*A New Lending Library*
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library***Norcom Mortgage is proud to announce that AllRegs, the leading information provider for the mortgage industry, will publish its lending library of mortgage underwriting guidelines. Norcom Mortgage will now leverage the AllRegs technology platform and publishing expertise to manage and maintain its retail and correspondent lending library of mortgage underwriting guidelines. Here’s how it works:

****Users will benefit from a variety of productivity tools, including an electronic Table of Contents tree with links to content, guidelines and forms. Content is also accessible through a robust search engine that features a thesaurus with industry jargon and relative matching results.

****Norcom Mortgage internal staff and business partners will be able to access mortgage underwriting guide content through the online Lending Library that includes the following topics:

****>> General Requirements

****>> Freddie Mac Loan Prospector

****>> Conforming Conventional Loans

****>> Appraisal Standards

****>> Specific Property Types – Eligible Products

****>> Government Loans

****>> New Construction

****In addition, the Norcom Lending Library features a Recent Updates section to identify changes to content, as well as Email Alerts to notify users of changes.

****“We at AllRegs are very excited to help Norcom Mortgage provide their staff and business partners with an innovative and robust resource that allows them to search the company’s underwriting guide,” says Dan Thoms, Executive Vice President of AllRegs. “Norcom Mortgage’s lending library will help their staff and partners alike to streamline business processes and increase productivity.”

****“We are all looking forward to AllRegs lending library of mortgage underwriting guidelines, and we are confident that it will allow internal staff, as well as our business partners, to be more efficient,” said Philip DeFronzo, Owner of Norcom Mortgage. We are eager to jump start our new relationship with AllRegs and launch this new resource.”