Partnership With An Eye Toward Efficiency

*Partnership With An Eye Toward Efficiency*
**Technology Selection**

partnership***Mortgage Cadence LLC has partnered to provide services for Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc. (PRMI), one of the nation’s top independent mortgage lenders. PRMI, which is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, will soon employ Mortgage Cadence’s Orchestrator ELS, one of two Enterprise Lending Systems offered by Mortgage Cadence, throughout its nationwide branch network.

****“We require efficient technology to provide our customers with a borrowing experience where the primary focus is on them,” said A.J. Swope, PRMI’s Vice President of Secondary Marketing. “Streamlining systems and integrating with our already-existing platforms was a must when considering new technology.”

****Mortgage Cadence’s Orchestrator platform works seamlessly with each of the company’s software solutions including Prelude, the newly redesigned and recently released consumer self-service mortgage portal, Finale Document Services, the integrated, document solution, and Opus, the document management solution that wraps workflow and imaging into one platform. The Mortgage Cadence ELS typically replaces as many as four systems with one platform. This helped meet PRMI’s six criteria for a new technology: performance, scalability, compliance, quality, efficiency, and borrower experience.

****“We provide one solution that accomplishes what typically takes many. This ensures fewer lending defects, greater compliance and far greater efficiency,” said Michael Detwiler, CEO of Mortgage Cadence. “We look forward to working with Primary Residential and helping them achieve their business objectives and lending goals.”