For Those In The Mortgage Market This Is No Time For The Weary

*This Is No Time For The Weary*
**By Tony Garritano**

TonyG***You can’t rest on your laurels. You have to keep moving forward and keep adjusting to meet market needs. Too often established vendors think that their work is done. That’s just not the case my friends. A good example of how a vendor has done the opposite can be seen in what Capsilon is now doing with DocVelocity. Here’s the scoop:

****DocVelocity now includes an advanced printer driver, local page caching and page streaming to speed up the way mortgage documents are imaged, stored, downloaded and viewed. The updated printer driver enables users to print documents from their desktop applications with reduced file sizes, making them more efficient for uploading, downloading and storage.

****Intelligent page streaming downloads images only as they need to be viewed by the user, providing a visible performance improvement. Additionally, when users download a document from the cloud to their desktop, images are locally cached to increase speed when needed again.

****“We’re very impressed with the increased speed of the newest DocVelocity desktop application,” said Bruce Clarke, chief technology officer of Michigan Mutual Inc. “The faster solution is making our users more productive.”

****“DocVelocity’s improved desktop application makes optimal use of system resources to provide users a better overall experience,” said Sanjeev Malaney, chief executive officer at Capsilon. “The latest updates enable lenders to use DocVelocity faster and more effectively than ever before.”

****So, DocVelocity is advancing. I hope that others are, too.