The Importance Of Staying Connected

*The Importance Of Staying Connected*
**By Tony Garritano**

TonyG***Simplification is important, especially given that new rules and regs are making things more complicated. This speaks to the power and importance of tighter integrations. For example, LRES, a national provider of commercial and residential valuations and asset management for the mortgage, banking, credit union and real estate industries, has released the latest version of LRES DirectConnect, an integration framework that enables clients and third-party systems to integrate seamlessly into the LRES LINK order management platform to optimize and accelerate the appraisal order processing. Here’s the scoop:

****During the appraisal ordering process, these enhancements enable the data to meet the uniform standard as determined by MISMO. This means that the data can be more easily shared across all systems, which speeds the valuation process and ensures full compliance.

****“Our latest version of DirectConnect enhances the speed, accuracy and risk management capabilities with which we process orders for appraisals,” said Roger Beane, CEO of LRES. “Lenders can use these enhancements to reduce the time and energy they spend on the appraisal process and increase their focus on closing more loans.”

****Orange County, Calif.-based LRES is a national commercial and residential financial services provider offering property valuations, asset management and technology solutions for clients. With more than 10 years of continued growth, LRES offers complete and customized solutions and managed business processes for the origination and default markets.