Attracting More Broker Business

*Attracting More Broker Business*
**By Tony Garritano**

TonyG***How do you get more business in this market? Well, getting new business in any market takes a bit of creativity. For example, United Wholesale Mortgage has made available a free service designed to generate more business for its brokers. The service, dubbed UWM Connect, monitors borrower credit pulls for activity to funnel potential leads back to brokers that have previously completed deals with them.

****“Simply put, we designed UWM Connect to reunite borrowers back with originators that have done deals with them before through UWM in an effort of good faith to give back more business to our brokers,” said Mat Ishbia, president of UWM. “Some lenders will take leads for themselves when a potential repeat borrower is in the market, axing the broker that originally worked the deal. That is not how UWM conducts business. We have created UWM Connect to further demonstrate that we’re a true partner to our brokers, and we always have their best interest and success in mind.”

****UWM Connect incudes:

****>> Monitors past clients for any mortgage credit pulls performed

****>> UWM account executives alert their brokers of the credit pulls so they can proactively contact the borrower to rekindle relationships

****>> UWM also provides the broker’s contact information to the borrower and redirects them directly back to the broker

****>> UWM Connect is provided free to brokers that are signed up with UWM

****Ishbia added: “UWM operates with ethics of the highest standard, the best quality, second-to-none service and an intensely-focused commitment to our broker community. We continue to launch innovative tools, free services, creative products and various types of assistance to our brokers with the objective of making their jobs easier and them more successful. UWM Connect is another offering that exemplifies our extreme support and partnership with brokers.”