More “E” News

*More “E” News*
**By Tony Garritano**

TonyG***Yesterday I talked about how the migration to electronic processes is continuing. Today I have more proof to share with you. Communication Intelligence Corporation (CIC), a supplier of electronic signature solutions and biometric signature verification, was selected by QuestSoft Corp. to integrate legally binding electronic signatures in its IRS Form 4506-T service.

****“Our partnership with CIC allows our customers to leverage a proven technology to quickly and easily gather signatures on the 4506-T,” stated Bhavin Shah, QuestSoft VP of Development and Technology. “This added feature, which was approved by the IRS earlier this year, provides the benefit of significantly reduced processing times and rejection rates to all parties in a mortgage or other lending transaction.”

****Over the last year, CIC has played an active role working with the IRS on its acceptance of electronic signatures. CIC’s platform for legally binding signatures, iSign Enterprise, fully supports the IRS’ recently approved electronic signature requirements.

****“IRS approval of e-signatures on this high volume form represents a significant step forward in the overall lending process,” stated Robert Williams, CIC’s VP Sales. “We are excited to partner with QuestSoft and to be a part of this forward momentum.”

****The integrated solution is available for QuestSoft customers beginning August 1, 2013.