Will Xerox Continue To Be A Thought Leader?

*Will Xerox Continue To Be A Thought Leader?*
**New Head Speaks Out**

thinker***Xerox Mortgage Services has a long history of being headed up by industry thought leaders. There’s no denying the role both Greg Smith and Nancy Alley have played in advancing paperless processing. Now the company has named Ken Marlin as its new VP and general manager. How does he stack up to his predecessors? PROGRESS in Lending sat down with him recently to ask him a few probing questions. Here’s what he said:

****QUESTION: Describe your industry experience for our readers Ken.

****KEN MARLIN: I’ve been here at Xerox Mortgage Services for over 15 months. During that time, I’ve been focused on building out partnerships and the platform itself. I’ve been in the mortgage business for over 20 years. I started as a loan officer and I’ve worked in every business unit imaginable when it comes to mortgage lending.

****QUESTION: How do you think your style compares to Greg Smith and Nancy Alley?

****KEN MARLIN: Moving into the general manager position was the next step for me. Nancy, and Greg Smith before her, left a well-oiled machine. I’m moving into comfortable shoes. We are constantly rethinking how the industry does business so we can improve and advance our industry.

****QUESTION: How will Xerox Mortgage Services change under your leadership?

****KEN MARLIN: This will be a continuation. We have always looked to build out a collaborative network. Everyday we are getting closer to the data. The industry can expect us to do deeper integrations and improve the overall mortgage process.

****QUESTION: How do you see the mortgage industry evolving over time?

****KEN MARLIN: This is an interesting time. We have enjoyed good volume, low interest rates and a lot of refinancing. As interest rates now start to inch up, we see lenders looking closer at improving their process to find efficiency, which is ideal for us because that’s what we do.

****QUESTION: Now look into your crystal ball. Where will the mortgage industry be five years from now? More of the same or drastically changed?

****KEN MARLIN: There’s always buzz around the CFPB and new regulation in general. In my view, new rules are always painful, but the new rules are causing some positive things to happen. We’ll come out much better, as an industry, on the other side of these regulatory shifts.