LOS And Doc Prep Link Up

The regulatory environment for today’s mortgage lender is becoming exceedingly complex. Compliance becomes more difficult each day, and the risk of non-compliance is perilous. So, MRG Document Technologies, a provider of mortgage document preparation software and legal compliance, has completed an enhanced and streamlined integration with the Ellie Mae Encompass mortgage management platform.

As lenders are faced with an immediate and compelling need to re-evaluate and upgrade their internal systems’ capacity to analyze and incorporate mandated regulatory changes, this enhanced integration between the MRG document system and Encompass proves an easy answer to the problems surrounding new compliance demands.

“As the regulatory changes come into effect in January 2014, Encompass users now have real-time regulatory updates accessible through their LOS,” said Kathleen Mantych, senior marketing director of MRG Document Technologies. “Initial disclosures and closing packages ordered through the system do not require the user to make legal decisions about their content – that risk is eliminated.”

“Ellie Mae is committed to providing its customers with best-of-breed technology and partnerships that will truly enhance their business processes,” said Joe Tyrell, senior vice president of client management and business development. “We value our alliance with MRG and continue to develop mortgage technology that provides unsurpassed offerings, so lenders can focus on generating and maintaining a profitable business regardless of market conditions.”