Have You Heard Of Slideshare? (Part Two)

*Have You Heard Of Slideshare? (Part Two)*
**By Michael Hammond**

MikeH***Last week I started to tell you about Slideshare. I read an article entitled “10 Ways Slideshare Can Benefit Your Social Media Strategy” by Susan Zinevych that was simply amazing on this topic. This week, I want to continue that conversation. Here are five more ways Slideshare can help your business:

****1. It’s a Blank Canvas

****A decade ago, the concept of a branded YouTube channel would have been unthinkable to even the savviest digital marketers. Now, 79% of the Global Fortune 100 are using YouTube to spread their video content. Slideshare supports branded channels, and the brands that win will be those who put the legwork in to discover what works best on the network. Brier writes, “It’s truly a blank canvas that can be revolutionized, and I see that happening.”

****2. It Has Analytics

****In case you’re concerned that once you’ve uploaded content to Slideshare, you’ll never know exactly how it did, rest assured that the platform provides analytics to brands. The Send Tracker function provides insight on views and embeds of your presentation.

****3. It’s Basically Cloud Storage

****While Slideshare is a powerful member of your social media strategy arsenal, the network also doubles as free or low-cost cloud storage (did we mention that free membership to the site provides unlimited uploads of files up to 10MB?). Presentations can be set to private or limited views, meaning you can back up your work, or provide secure access to colleagues or clients.

****4. It’s Got Serious Personal Branding Potential

****It’s relatively easy to stand out on Slideshare, especially when you consider the network in comparison to the 5 million published Tweets each day. By providing insight on conferences on Slideshare in real time, a designer Jesse Desjardins won 2.5 million views and was appointed to Social Media Director of the Australian Tourism Board.

****5. You Can Generate Leads

****If your brand ultimately decides to purchase SlideShare Pro, you can integrate your account with your customer relationship management (CRM) software to generate leads without ever leaving the social media network. Lead capture forms can be inserted directly into the presentation, so there’s no risk you’ll lose interest in the process of directing visitors to your website.

****Now it’s time to see what Slideshare can do for your business.