November 2013 Issue: The State Of Our Industry


In This Issue:

>>PROGRESS in Lending founder Tony Garritano points out how it will take more then technology to save the space.

>>Lender A.W. Pickel, III talks candidly about how risk mitigation needs to be the new mindset for every lender.

>>You’ve heard the various ideas on how to revamp the GSEs, but now Lew Sichelman enters the fray with his own ideas.

>>Always opinionated and insightful, Phil Hall predicts what will happen in the next 100 years of mortgage banking.

>>Famed industry researcher Jeff Lebowitz asserts that there is a better way to get new technology to market.

>>Scott Kersnar looks back at the subprime debacle/bubble and talks about the future of this asset class.

>>Industry consultant Rebecca Walzak of rjbWalzak Consulting, details the best way for lenders to avoid risk.

>>James Comtois points out that acquisitions done by CoreLogic signal a larger industry reliance on data.

>>Jennifer Miller of a la mode, inc. details how future change will reshape the appraisal process yet again.

>>Michael Hammond of NexLevel Advisors talks about the state of public relations in the mortgage space.

>>George Yacik warns that credit unions are here to stay and their coming influence is something to watch.

>>Asher Lohman of MortgageFlex takes a hard look at typical LOS due diligence practices and why they don’t work.