December 2013 Issue: A Closer Look At Our Space


In This Issue:

>>Noted industry researcher Jeff Lebowitz asserts that there is a link between rule making and corruption.

>>George Yacik declares that there is actually a silver lining behind what the CFPB is currently doing.

>>Susan Johnson of Fidelity Bank shares what she astutely calls the biggest opportunities of 2014.

>>Famed journalist Lew Sichelman talks candidly about how lenders can do a better job courting borrowers.

>>Dan Green of Mortgage Cadence Accenture notes that there is a lot in our industry to look forward to.

>>Phil Hall uncovers a way that the industry can take the initiative and win without Uncle Sam intervening.

>>Industry consultant Rebecca Walzak of rjbWalzak Consulting, details how industry events can be improved.

>>Talk show host David Lykken stresses that there are right and wrong ways to pick up market share.

>>Jennifer Miller of a la mode, inc. details how we as an industry can get ready for the new OCC regulations.

>>Michael Hammond of NexLevel Advisors talks about how your team can be the deciding factor these days.

>>Tony Garritano of PROGRESS in Lending looks into how fear of new regulation may be holding lenders back.

>>Asher Lohman of MortgageFlex takes a hard look at the safety and soundness of cloud computing.