Stepping Up Your Game

As we return to a purchase market, many CRM vendors are trying to step up their game. For example, Mortgage Returns significantly enhanced its service offerings in 2013. Enhancements include the launch of its TRUE CRM Educational Initiative, which trains lenders to increase the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and strengthen relationships with customers, prospects and referral partners to drive revenue and profitability. Here’s what they did:

The TRUE CRM initiative describes what Mortgage Returns calls the key elements that make up a complete CRM system: T – Total Database Management, R – Relevant and Automated Marketing, U – Unbiased Reporting, E – Expertise and Proactive Advice.

To enable lenders to boost the impact of their marketing efforts through TRUE CRM, Mortgage Returns launched its Business Analysis Reports. These in-depth reports provide mortgage companies information on production statistics, marketing ROI, customer retention and loan officer performance. The company also released its Storefront Marketing Solution, which enables loan officers to order direct mail such as holiday greeting cards through Mortgage Returns’ CRM system.

“We enhanced our service offerings to enable lenders to increase the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns, maximize ROI and improve customer retention in the most efficient manner possible,” said Jim Blatt, president and CEO of Mortgage Returns. “Mortgage Returns transcends traditional marketing by using technology that improves lenders’ retention and profitability through sophisticated and targeted communication. We will continue to enhance our services in the coming year to meet the needs of mortgage originators.”

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Tony Garritano

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