Leading By Example

We talk a lot here about technology companies and lenders leading the industry by doing something innovative. Today I want to change course and talk about a different way that lending companies can lead, by example. In this case, PROGRESS has been told that National Appraisal Network, an appraisal management company, participated for the third consecutive year in the Children’s Cancer Center Adopt-A-Family Program, designed to help decrease the stress and anxiety associated with the holiday season for families who are coping with a medical crisis. The Children’s Cancer Center Adopt-A-Family Program acts as a liaison between families and donors to protect each family’s privacy.

“We adopted a family of seven that has a child who is undergoing treatment for cancer,” said Joni Pilgrim, Co-Founder and Director of Sales and Marketing for the award winning Nationwide. “They have so much to worry about that we thought it was important that we reach out and help them.”

The donations and families are anonymous. This allows the parents to give the gifts to their children. Nationwide Appraisal Network provided gifts for Christmas to every member of the family, and all 25 employees of the firm participated.

“Nationwide Appraisal Network is committed to giving back to its community and helping to ensure that the holidays are a joyous time for everyone,” said Sharin Nelson, Lead Support Services Coordinator at Children’s Cancer Center. “The commitment of the firm’s employees to helping others is an example of the true meaning of Christmas and serves as an inspiration to all of us.”

“The Children’s Cancer Center reached out to us a few years ago, and after we spoke to them, we agreed to participate. There was no way we could not,” said Cari Burris, Co-Founder and Director of Operations and Finance for Nationwide Appraisal Network. “The organization does a remarkable job and we are proud to be part of it.”

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