Lender Strategizes To Grow

MCS Mortgage Bankers Inc., a Patchogue, New York-based mortgage lender with 15 retail branches and multistate growth plans, has chosen the Vantage Integrated Production (VIP) platform as its customer relationship management software. Here’s why they made this selection:

MCS Mortgage Bankers was founded as a full service FHA and conventional retail lender in 1995 and is licensed in 10 states with plans to expand to larger markets, including California. The company places great emphasis on high service levels, and the executive team recognized that its continued growth required CRM technology.

“We need tools to ensure our sales force can accommodate the electronic communications needs of our prospects and clients, as well as, to optimize our messaging in sales, branding and marketing programs,” said Taylor Stork, MCS Mortgage Bankers executive vice president and national sales manager. “We spent about three months in due diligence to find the right solution, with input from current users and our technology group,” he said.

When selecting the VIP CRM platform, MCS Mortgage was not only focusing on marketing and communications but also on compliance and growth, Stork noted. “Like every lender today, we need to minimize the risks of non-compliance. We’re also looking to enhance our brand with great borrower presentations and the first-rate content provided by Vantage Production’s noted industry experts,” he explained. “But we were also very impressed by the scalability of VIP, its up-to-date applications, and the personalized, configurable tools that were available to us with the platform.”

“MCS Mortgage is a prime example of a very well-run company with significant expansion plans,” said Paul Zoukis, CEO of Vantage Production. “In order to maximize customer service levels, minimize compliance issues, and pave the way for growth, MCS needed a true CRM platform, not merely a lead management software,” he noted.

“VIP will create more opportunities for MCS Mortgage’s loan professionals, enabling them to close more loans and provide the best possible experience for borrowers,” Zoukis said. “That’s how you achieve well-deserved and stable organic growth – by earning it with your customers and gaining their referrals,” he added.