Technology And QM Readiness

We talk a lot about how the new Qualified Mortgage (QM) rules will change how mortgages are done. Well, in this case technology has QM-readied the Freedom Mortgage Wholesale Division. By extending Freedom’s Wholesale website capabilities, brokers now have access to a QM assessment tool that provides accuracy and improved efficiency while saving time for both the originator and the wholesaler. Here’s what was done:

Freedom Mortgage has more than 4,000 brokers and is ranked among the top five mortgage wholesale lenders in the country. Their associates are now able to run LoanScoreCard’s QM Findings Report prior to submitting a loan. Running the QM solution up front eliminates the need to spend valuable time and resources on non-qualified loans while assuring the originator that their loans meet QM guidelines.

LoanScoreCard’s QM solution offers quantifiable Findings Reports that determine whether a file is considered a Qualified Mortgage, with a secondary determination for either Safe Harbor or Rebuttable Presumption for that QM type in a potential Ability-to-Repay violation claim.

“It’s an invaluable tool that allows our brokers to run the Points and Fees Test on our website. This software enables our brokers to validate the loan prior to submission and provides a platform for a comprehensive loan review with Freedom Mortgage,” said Mike Patterson, senior vice president at Freedom Mortgage.

Allen Meigide, director of operations at LoanScoreCard, explained, “LoanScoreCard’s QM Findings Report takes the guesswork out of QM compliance, providing not only a comprehensive report but also the retainable evidence now required.”