Looking Back A Bit

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We can all agree that 2013 will go down in the record books as an interesting year. With so many memorable moments on social networks in 2013, you may have a hard time remembering them all.

Fortunately, the following infographic by Infographic Promotion captured many of them for you. Here’s a look at the major events in social media in 2013.

The year started with big news:

>> Vine, a social network dedicated solely to looping six-second videos, was launched.

>> Facebook announced its Graph Search, so users could search Facebook for specific questions, people, places, photos, and interests.

>> Google+ became the No. 2 social network site (in active users).

In February, 38% of Super Bowl ads had hashtags, up from the previous year’s 31%. Also, the original Harlem Shake resulted in more than 1.7 million other Harlem Shake videos being posted on YouTube.

Why is all of this important to you? Because it should show that this technology has gone mainstream. Everyone is social online these days. So, why not get that trend to pay off for your business? In the B2B world Facebook may not be the best outlet but Twitter and LinkedIn are very widely accepted and used in the B2B sector.

And if you still doubt the coming of age of social media, just look back at some of the high points last. Why is it important to do this? Because if you see what happened last year you’ll realize that you yourself know about a few of these events, and if you know about them that means that social media’s influence is growing and your peers probably are catching on, too.

Here are some highlights from last year’s posts on social networks. I bet a few will be very familiar. Check out the following infographic: