Enhancing Call Center Efficiency

As mortgage servicers invest more resources toward improving borrower satisfaction and increasing call center efficiencies, TeleVoice, a provider of customized telephony applications, has released a white paper on enhancing call center efficiency and customer satisfaction by utilizing Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)-enabled Screen Pop technology. Here’s the scoop:

While Screen Pop technology has been available for decades, the CFPB’s mortgage servicing regulations have caused servicers to reexamine all aspects of their call center operations to ensure servicers are being as efficient as possible when addressing borrower inquiries. Particularly in today’s market, Screen Pops differentiate the call center experience for borrowers and improve the quality of service they receive by reducing the average call length by (on average)15-20 seconds, simultaneously enabling servicers to dedicate time to additional accounts and increasing customer retention levels.

“In the current regulatory environment, identifying compatible call center technologies is crucial in reporting all servicer and borrower interaction,” said Barry Hays, co-founder and senior vice president of TeleVoice. “Our white paper clearly articulates the challenges of utilizing a CTI solution that communicates with a call center’s disparate systems to consistently link caller account information with each call, and presents the guide to implementing an actionable, profitable solution.”

To access the full white paper, “Enhancing Call Center Efficiency with Screen Pops,” visit http://televoice.com/case-studies/Screen_Pops/.

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