Making Each Integration Matter

No technology firm is an island in and of itself. The right integrations can make all the difference. For example, origination vendor Wipro Gallagher Solutions has integrated its NetOxygen loan origination software with Optimal Blue’s enterprise-level product, pricing, secondary marketing and compliance automation platform for the mortgage industry. Here’s why:

Fully embedded within NetOxygen, Optimal Blue’s product and pricing engine enables NetOxygen users to access accurate, best-fit rates and loan pricing scenarios for nearly 200 investors at the push of a button. Since the two-way interface automates loan data sharing, the lender no longer needs to maintain rates and product guidelines for all the different investors, which saves significant time and effort. Now, users can manage lock requests and confirmations in real time, without ever leaving the NetOxygen system.

The integration also includes Optimal Blue’s secondary marketing platform, which enables users to hedge their pipelines as well as determine the best execution and allocation of their loans in real time. The integration significantly improves efficiencies; users no longer need to export pipeline data to a file and reimport that data to a hedge system.

“Accuracy, automation and transparency are three essential ingredients needed to sustain a profitable enterprise in today’s volatile market,” said Larry Huff, co-CEO of Optimal Blue. “By streamlining the cumbersome product, pricing and secondary marketing workflow process, this interface provides our common customers with a powerful addition to their survival toolkit. Wipro Gallagher Solutions embraced the philosophy that a user should be able to utilize any feature of either system seamlessly without disruption to their workflow, which is the mindset that is shared by both companies and required to best serve our collective customers.”

“Wipro Gallagher Solutions’ technology integration philosophy is that a solution must do more than deliver flashy features and functions; it must deliver value to our customers and in any market conditions,” said Narayan Bharadwaj, general manager and business head at Wipro Gallagher Solutions. “ This seamless system integration not only improves efficiencies for our customers but it also delivers unfettered access to accurate product and pricing data which ultimately helps our customers make more profitable decisions in a trying market.”

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